Search Engine Optimization in Karachi


Search Engine Optimization in Karachi

Global Source Enterprises (GSE) is a Karachi based company. It has been in digital industry from decades. With the very strong combination of experts of digital word. They are having the expertise to solve any digital marketing problem in an effective way. They provide the best services because the motto is “Customer satisfaction is our first priority”

They provide variety of services about digital industry from search engine optimization in Karachi to digital marketing in Karachi and from website development to mobile app designing.

Now let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization

What is basically Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is basically the process of getting organic or natural traffic from search results when a query is being run on the search engine. So the aim should to be discovered in the search result of your potential customer for free.

Google is like a one stop shop it has different section for different type of content and it stores the pages in the relevant category according to their relevance and ranking. When you search something it scrolls the relevant category and displays the most relevant pages to the user.

SEO is the process to make Google realize that you are the best result when someone searches about your content. And to be in the priority list of Google when they search about your content.

Keeping in mind many websites pay a lot of money to Google to be discovered in the search results. And even then they face different challenges like winning a bid with competitor and improved website ranking.

So the question arises how to be discovered in the search results for free. You just have to follow a few steps. As we move on let me tell you there are two types of SEO.

(1) On Page SEO
(2) Off Page SEO


It basically comprises of the optimizing individual web page to be ranked as more relevant in Google library and when someone search for you Google show it on the top of the search result on the basis on relevance.

Following steps should be followed while doing On Page SEO

Title tag:

Generally we use multiple tags on our page while writing content but title tag is the most important tag among other tags. Title is the thing which user sees first and assumes “what the content is all about. While running a search query Google look at your title tag and compares it with the content on the page.

That’s why it is recommended to use the core/main tag in your title to rank best in the Google search result. The use of attractive and relevant title can really make you win the war again you competitors because user will only click on the link in the search result that is the best solution to their query.

Meta description:

Meta description is the second thing that can help a great deal to be ranked high in the organic search, when someone searches for you. A Meta description is basically tells the user what user will find in the page in one line. While ranking pages Google also reads its Meta description to check the relevance of the search query and the content on the page.

We can say that Meta description is the first interaction of you with the user. Make it affective and attractive by writing a well structured Meta description. Keep in mind a good Meta description and title tag always drives traffic toward a webpage. Once the user is on your site it’s now up to the content on the webpage to maintain engagement of the user.

Research keyword:

While writing any content always do good keyword research. And choose the keywords with high monthly search volume. But keep in mind always select the keywords that are relevant to the content on your webpage.

If you appearance in search is high but engagement is zero, believe me nothing can be worst then this. Do not focus on a single keyword, you can also use synonym, to target large number of audience. The main objective should be to rank well in all related synonyms and related quires.

Keywords are termed in following types:
Informational keywords: when a user wants more information about a certain topic
Transactional keywords: when want to make perception in the mind of user, uses of words like best, top etc.

Giving titles to image that you use:

It is very common to use images and videos on WebPages and it make the webpage attractive but one thing which ranked very negative by Google is irrelevant image titles.

It is advised to name image with relevant name, it imposes a positive impact on the Google, It gives Google the idea your page is about in this way it ranks your webpage high in a search result.

One thing to keep in mind is the size of image if the image is too big in size it will take long too and it might be possible that user switch to another site.

Mobile Friendly Webpage:

These days more and more people are using internet on their mobile, to grab the benefits from mobile users your website should be mobile friendly. Also mobile friendly websites are ranked high on Google and Google rank it more relevant. Accelerated mobile pages are suggested to be used be faster experience.


Off page SEO is totally different from on page SEO. Off page SEO is done away from your site. It basically set of things that you and other do off the site (away from your site) to rank your page better on Google.

One important thing here is on page SEO is under your control but off page SEO is out of your control. You can merely control them.

Off page SEO comprises on following factors.


Backlinks are one of the important parts of off page SEO. When the quality and quantity of Backlinks pointing toward is high Google ranks it high. If the quality is high and quantity Google will still rank it well. But if quality is low and quantity is high Google will not rank it well.

They more domains referring you the more organic traffic you get. But relevance matters too. If relevant domains refer you, you are more likely to get high ranking.

NAP citations:

NAP (Name, address, phone) citations are the online mentions of your business. It is very important off page SEO factor used to rank high. If you are local business and wants to rank high NAP citations are very important even if you want to appear in Google’s “snack pack”

Google My Business:

GMB is a free business profile from Google. It also plays very important role in off page SEO. If you want to rink well organized and optimized GMB account is crucial component of your off page SEO campaign.


Reviews are another important off page SEO factor. Good reviews on Google my business can help you achieve good ranking in Google search result, and bad reviews can badly influence your ranking.

We have seen so far SEO is very important factor for the important factor for Business to appear in the Google organic search. It can help you save much of your time and monetary resources.

Now the question arises who will do search engine optimization?
You as your own? If you do SEO you will fail badly because it requires much experience and expertise to do search engine optimization. Along with writing content for your website it is nearly impossible to do it yourself. Will neither do it properly and also the content of your website will be affected.

The second option is you physically reach out to a service provider of search engine optimization in Karachi but the main problem is you can be deceived easy, you might face privacy issue. You will expose yourself to a great risk. You will probably look for another alternative.

The third option is going online and searching for search engine optimization in Karachi. You will many service providers but it is hard whom to trust. That’s why without wasting time and resources contact GSE (Global Source Enterprises).

Why to choose GSE?

• Expertise in SEO
• Trustable source.
• Customer satisfaction is first priority.
• Best service provider in Karachi.

GSE is having decades of experience in search engine optimization in Karachi and other services like digital marketing, website development and app development.
When you give your project to GSE your project will be on their priority. You will no longer have to worry about your project GSE will look after it and you can focus on your business.


SEO is an important factor for the success of your online business, it involves many technicalities, which you can’t manage, and GSE is a golden opportunity for you to excel in the online world.



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