What is Search Engine Optimization?


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is basically the process of getting organic traffic from search results. Keep in mind people pay a lot of money to appear in search results but SEO is the free way to appear in the search results.
What we basically do in Search Engine Optimization is follow some steps and to appear in the search result for free.

There are two types of SEO:
• On-page SEO
• Off-page SEO

On-page SEO:
On-page SEO comprises of the steps and processes you do on your webpage to appear in the search result organically. Following things are included in the on-page SEO.

• Title tag is basically the main thing on a webpage. It gives user the idea about the type of content on the webpage. The title page must be relevant.
Meta description is the one line description about the content on a webpage.
Keywords are very helpful to let your webpage appear in the search result.
Giving titles to images is also very important because it help the Google to relate the content on your webpage to the searched term; it will help a great deal to let you appear in the search result.

Off-page SEO:
It comprises on the things you do outside your webpage to appear in the search result organically. It involves following things:

Backlinks is an important part of off page SEO. Backlinks are basically the number of website referring your website or webpage.
NAP Citations name, address and phone num on site plays an important role in off page SEO.
Google My Business also an important role in off page SEO.

How long does it take SEO to work?

It is the most common answer asked by people, but keep in mind while following an SEO approach.
“SEO is and investment”

The time period in which SEO will start showing its result depends from site to site and the manner how adopted SEO approach. But generally for a new website it takes 4-6 months.

If your website is new and followed a good SEO approach and you are expecting good traffic on your site, then you might be on the wrong side because Google do not promotes new websites that easily, even if good Search Engine Optimization work is done on the website.

In the similar case if your website is old but wasn’t following SEO approach, and then you suddenly started following SEO approach on your site, you are more likely to see results in a short period of time.

Because that old site had history with search engine and just by doing some SEO related changes in the content Google started to rank it high.

Moreover the SEO results are also different for the SEO approach you have followed like Global SEO, local SEO or national SEO. More factors which affects SEO results includes website design, Meta description, geographic location and domain age.

There are many people out there who lose hope too soon just because the traffic they always dreamed about isn’t coming on their site.

SEO is a long term investment in most cases; you have to wait for at least 4-6 months for SEO to show results. So keep calm and keep working on SEO process. You will get return on investment in long term surely.

Does duplicate content hurt your SEO?

Duplicate content refers to the content which is totally or partially similar to your content. Partially similar content is called as common or near-duplicate content.

The duplication not only occurs when a someone else uses your content but it also happen when a company have multiple websites with same content. Or there is clutter of pages with same content on them.

Explicitly Google do not panelized the duplicated content but it does in a way that it lower the ranking of that page. Duplicate content actually confuse the Google in a way that it becomes hard for Google to decide which piece of content to be shown to user and which page is more relevant to the search.

According to Google a website with a lot of duplicate content will not be ranked high in a search result because it doesn’t seem valuable to Google.

Following things may occur in case of Duplicate content on your page:
• Low ranking in search result by Google
• Low website traffic
• Dissatisfied Customers

So apparently there is no harm in duplicating content but it does hurt the performance of you website in a bad way, and potentially the whole process of SEO will be useless.

What factors in link building matter?

Link building is actually the hyperlinks that are used to navigate from one website to another. Link building comes under off-page SEO. One can measure its importance in off-page SEO by seeing that many people think that off-page SEO is fully based on link building. Link building is often called as “The heart of off-page SEO”. How many website on the web are referring your website is called link building.

There is a miss perception in people about link building. They think greater the number of link referring your website greater will be the traffic generated for website. But let me tell you they are on the wrong. For Google QUALITY means more than Quantity. For example if the number of websites referring your webpage is high but their quality is low, it will not direct traffic toward your site. And ultimately your effort is useless.

But if the number of referring websites is low but they are ranked well by Google, or their quality is high, it will direct more traffic toward your site. In short in link building quantity doesn’t matters quality does. Another factor that is worth mentioning is the relevance of the webpage referring your webpage.

If the webpage referring that is relevant to your webpage and it is referring you, Google will start ranking you on the top in the search result. But if the webpage referring you is not relevant to your website, Google does not appreciate this and it may cause low ranking of your webpage.

Why SEO matters?

As we have discussed earlier SEO is the method or process of attracting traffic toward your site organically. SEO matter a lot for the success of a website though it takes a bit of take for SEO to work but it’s an investment of long run.

SEO strategy adaptation matters because of following reasons:
• Appearing on the top of organic search adds value to the website. If Google ranks you high in a search result it means that you are the trustable source. It adds value to your brand.

• SEO builds trust and credibility because when an SEO approach is followed by a website it appears as the most relevant to the user search. It builds search and credibility.

• Better user experience can be generated by following SEO approach, because by doing so you will provide most relevant data to the user.

• SEO impact the buyer cycle because in their research about a product when you will provide them the product and deals they love, they will continuously buying again and again from you.

• SEO is the cheapest way of appearing in the search result of the customer, but keep in mind people pay a lot of money to appear in the search result (Paid Promotions). So adoption SEO saves your money too.

Most of the internet user only click on the first 5 websites appeared in the search result. SEO gives you the opportunity to win the race by appearing in those first 5 websites.

How do you do SEO for a website?

Adopting SEO strategy for a website is never an easy task it involves many things.

It mainly comprises of 2 things:
• On-page SEO (Things done on webpage to appear in the search result organically)
• Off-page SEO (Things done out of the webpage to appear in the search result organically)

On-page SEO:
On page SEO is done on the page. It basically means optimization your webpage in such a way that Google rank it on the top in the search result

It includes following things.
• Title tag:
Title tag is the first thing which someone sees on your website. It generally describe about the nature of content on a website.

• Meta description:
Meta description basically defines the content on the page in few lines. It give a rough idea the user is the content on the page is relevant to him or not.

• Keyword Research:
Research about a keyword is very important to write a SEO friendly content. If your content is include top keyword it will drive more traffic to your site.

• Giving titles to images:
If proper relevant titles are given to images on a webpage that webpage is ranked Good by Google.

Off-page SEO:
These are the things which you do away from your site to rank well in a search result

It includes following things:
• Backlinks:
It is the most important part of Off-page SEO. It means how many WebPages are referring your content on the web. For Google the quality of referring pages matters more than quantity.

• NAP citation:
It means Name, address and phone number is mentioned on the internet. It will help Google to rank you good in a search result.

• Google My Business
GMB is another way to rank good in a search result; it adds more value to your site and online existence.

How Search Engine Optimization is done?

Search Engine Optimizations are basically the process of directing traffic toward your website by increasing the visibility of the website organically. There are many factors involved in SEO, and all of them are of same importance.

Some guidelines are followed on the webpage and some of them are done off the webpage. Both of them are equally important for the SEO. The first thing in SEO is the Keyword research. Include those keywords to you content on the page which is having high monthly search volume.

The Second thing is the Title tag. A title tag tells the user what the webpage is about. Use a title which is relevant to content on the page. Whenever a user run a search query Google check the relevancy between the content on the page and the title tag. Most relevant are ranked high by Google.

Another most important thing that attracts users toward your site is the Meta description. Meta description including appealing text will attract the user to click on the site.

Some guidelines are followed off the webpage and those are followed:

The first thing among them is the link building. Google focus on the quality of referring webpage as compared to its quantity. If the quality of referring pages is low but they are high in quantity the net effect is zero. But good quality Backlinks directs traffic toward your website.
Some other things that are followed in an SEO process are NAP citations, Google my Business and reviews.

What is SEO in marketing?

Marketing is the art of designing, communicating and delivering the product to your customers. Today is the era of digital marketing because most the people are using internet on their mobiles. Mobile phone usage usually takes three hours and 15 minutes of a person day on average.

With the increasing use of mobile phone businesses are now adopting the platform of digital market to communicate with their customer. SEO plays an important role in digital marketing because it’s the free way of directing business toward your website. And with the increase of traffic, it means more sales and profit potentially.

Whenever you are adopting a digital marketing strategy for your business, you can’t skip SEO, because it has become an important part of digital marketing.

When a business adopts and SEO strategy, it not only drives users to your website but in fact it drives valuable customers to your website. If a business become able to drive so many people to their website but none of them purchased anything from the website, all the effort will be useless

So the effort should be driving valuable customers to the website that at least do some purchases and contribute to company profit.

How do I optimize my website for the Google Search Engine?

Optimizing a website for Google search engine is essential for any website today. None of the website can do well without optimizing their website for Google because about 64% of the internet users are using Google for their searches.

Search Engine Optimization is a full time job for websites to compete with competitors on the internet.

SEO (search engine optimization) involves following things:
• Key word research:
It is one of the essential parts of SEO. In keyword websites use keywords widely searched on the internet related to their content.

• Title tag:
Title tag is usually tells the user what the webpage is about. More relevant title page more valuable traffic toward a website.

• Meta Description:
Meta description is the summary of the content in a few lines. It gives the general idea to user about the quality and relevancy of content on webpage.

• Backlinks:
How many WebPages on the web are referring your content is called Backlinks. It is essential part of Off-page SEO.

• Google My Business:
A business which is registed on Google my business and has authentic information on Google My Business is ranked high by Google in search.



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